Warren Roberts LIving Legacy Founder

Warren Roberts

Founder of Living Legacy Forest

A note from the founder. Warren Roberts.
Our mission is to connect people to beauty that life creates by planting living memorial forests which honour and perpetuate life.

We provide the highest caliber of memorial experience with world-class soil science and biotechnology that sustains life.

Living Legacy Forest Pty Ltd is an Australian profit for purpose family company. When you plant a tree with us your a part of a growing community that are creating new forests around the world.

For every Legacy package purchased we donate 200 supplementary trees to be planted in each persons honour. 

Why 200 trees? …Because that’s how many trees it takes to create more air than a person breathes in a lifetime.

Our goal is to create a 200 million tree impact instead of 1 million grave impact.

To help us achieve that goal we ask that you like our FB page and share with others so they can make the choice that makes a difference.

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Warren Roberts LIving Legacy Founder

Want to Get In Touch with Warren Roberts to discuss Living Legacy Forest?

Address: 4/349 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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