Create a Legacy that lives on

What if trees were the new cemeteries?

What if people’s ashes could live on with trees? People could connect to the beauty that life created as opposed to what’s lost.

Untreated cremation ashes have a pH of 12 which is the same as bleach and oven cleaner and have been proven to cause detrimental effects on tree health. Creating a living legacy tree is the environmentally responsible way to return them to the earth.

The Living Legacy process uses proven science to transform the ashes so they can nurture and sustain a tree which family and friends can celebrate the beauty that life creates.

Our Memorial Forests

Our mission is to connect people to beauty that life creates by planting living memorial forests which honour and perpetuate life

The Science of Change - the truth about ashes

The Living Legacy treatment converts ashes into living molecules that help trees grow.

The belief is that human ashes are the same as wood ashes and are good for nature. The reality is untreated cremation ashes have the same pH as bleach and oven cleaner and are proven to cause lasting harm to soil and tree health.

We have perfected an organic treatment that detoxifies and unlocks hidden nutrients from human ashes.


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