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Become a Living Legacy Memorial Tree

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Leaving a Legacy

One day we won’t be able to be there for the people we love. The tree you plant today can be there for generations to come. 

Instead of visiting a grave to mourn, you can visit a Living Legacy Memorial Tree and connect to with the memory of loved ones in nature.

Living Legacy have scientifically pioneered a way to treat a loved one’s cremated ashes to create energy molecules so they can live on through memorial trees in beautifully cared for Living Legacy Forests & Gardens.

Your Living Legacy Memorial Tree, specially treated ashes are planted in your your chosen location, with your tree of your choice, to live on for generations to come.

Your legacy makes a positive impact to the environment with the inclusion of 200 trees planted in your name. 

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3 Steps to creating your living legacy

Living Legacy Tree

1. Choose your tree & location

Choosing & planting your “Living Legacy” memorial tree lets you create a personal and fitting tribute for family, friends & future generations to come.

Living legacy tree planting ceremony

2. Book your tree planting ceremony

Your own plaque is set at the tree, aligned with the sun so that the symbol of the tree and persons are illuminated onto the tree each day. In perpetuity your tree will live here and be cared for.

Living Legacy Tree

3. Visit your location and watch it grow

Connect, spend time & know you can come back to spend time in your chosen Living Legacy Forest or Gardens and watch it grow, change and blossom through the seasons.

Become a Living Legacy Memorial Tree

Become part of a growing community that is leaving the world a better place with trees.

Warren Roberts, Living Legacy Founder

"A sip of water from the Holy Grail is no longer the only path to eternal life thanks to Living Legacy Forest."

The science and truth about ashes​

The myth is that human ashes are the same as wood ashes, and are good for nature. The truth is, untreated cremation ashes have the same pH as bleach and oven cleaner and are proven to cause  lasting harm to soil and tree health. 

We have perfected an organic treatment that detoxifies and unlocks hidden nutrients from human  ashes. 

The Living Legacy treatment converts ashes into living molecules that help trees grow. This enables the soil and the tree to exchange energy and create new life

What if trees were the new cemeteries?

What if people’s ashes could live on with trees? People could connect to the natural beauty that life  created as opposed to what has been lost. 

Scattering untreated cremation ashes – which have the same pH level as bleach – has been  proven to detrimentally affect the environment. 

Living Legacy Forests have formulated a proven and scientific process to transform a loved one’s  ashes so they can return to nurture in a sustainable, eco-friendly way and their legacy can live on  for generations to come in beautiful, protected and peaceful forests. 

Creating a Living Legacy tree is the most environmentally conscientious way to return one’s ashes  to the earth. 

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Our Legacy Forests

Australian Native Forests to Blossoming Botanical Gardens

Wellington Dam

South West, Western Australia

Stand tall among the giant trees that grow over 30 metres tall. Join the community that is creating a  creek front forest for the native quokka and black cockatoo in Perth, Western Australia.

Mornington Green

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Mornington Green is our newest botanic memorial garden, located in the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, Australia. Choose from a selection of blossoming European trees.

Wooling Hill

Mount Macedon, Victoria

This well-established Memorial Estate in Gisborne consists of 16 hectares of well-groomed lawns  and gardens, with extensive grounds consisting of immaculate lawns, mature trees, and shrubs  coupled with lakes and water features. Select from Birch, Oak & Eucalyptus trees.

Industry leaders in the Living Legacy Forest Eco System

Become a tree of your choice

Australian Natives to Blossoming Botanical Trees

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