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In memory of your loved ones, options are now available for cremated remains to be transformed into life-giving nourishment for a growing tree.

Transform Remains

You can choose from a variety of trees, to be
planted at agreed location/s of your choice
Tree is infused and planted

Trees are infused via the sapling roots
with treated cremated remains
Keep family connected via the app

Friends and family can commemorate
a person’s memory with giftcards
Your legacy lives on sustainably

A further 200 trees are planted locally and abroad
to replace breaths taken in a lifetime.
Living Legacy process

Living Legacy Forest Products

People often wish to be remembered in ways that honour their personal, cultural and religious values.

If you wish to make trees part of your legacy in a way that suits you, we have various memorial options available.

Holistic Legacy

Living Legacy Tree

“Infuse your ashes into a tree”

Our patented technology combines natural processes to extract the beneficial minerals of cremated remains to support tree growth and honour the circle of life.

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Collective Legacy

Collective Legacy Forest

“200 tree memorial without infusion”

Choose to plant trees in memory of your loved ones. 200 trees planted locally and abroad, replaces the air a person breathes out across a lifetime, your forest footprint leaves a lasting, sustainable gift in return to the planet.

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Remembrance Gift Card

Legacy Giftcard

“A gift of trees in memory of your loved one”

Friends and family can create an enduring and meaningful commemoration by gifting 20 trees that is enduring and more meaningful than just flowers.

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