Mornington Green​, VIC

If you are looking for a better way to create a legacy, consider becoming a tree at Mornington Green. The tree you plant today will live on in these beautifully landscaped gardens with meandering pathways that family, friends and future generations will look forward to visiting.

Leave a legacy that lives on​

Many families choose cremation in order to be able to scatter ashes in a special and meaningful location. Over time however, such significant places may change through circumstances including family relocation, land ownership issues and developments.

As an alternative to scattering ashes, you can now plant a living landmark where friends and family can celebrate a loved one’s circle of life. We can return ashes to the earth without causing harm. Our organic process gradually transforms the ashes into nutrients that help trees grow.

Some families like to choose a tree that flowers on their loved one’s birthday, others choose a tree that symbolises other special memories. Those trees create seeds and seedlings, so their legacy continues to live on.

Leaving a Legacy

When you choose Mornington Green as your final resting place, you will be creating a lasting legacy. Choose to plant your tree today – visit and watch your tree grow in the beautiful garden surrounds. A gift to enjoy with your family today, that they can enjoy and visit tomorrow.

Your tree will be there for loved ones when you are no longer here. When the time comes your ashes will be carefully treated and planted with your chosen tree to become part of a place everyone can enjoy. In the serene Mornington Peninsula, your memorial tree will have a special significance to your family, but also becomes part of a bigger story; converting a former golf course into a beautifully landscaped forest garden. Instead of visiting a grave to mourn, they can visit your tree and connect with the beauty your life created.

No Lease Annual Fees Future Fees

Pre-Planning relieves the heavy burden for all

You’re in control of your final resting place

Choosing a Legacy Tree is giving back

Reserve your tree today

We are happy to answer any questions you have. Simply register your details below and we will get a Legacy Planner to give you a call you back to discuss your available options.

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