Greater Metropolitan Cemetery Trust

Plant a Living Legacy memorial tree to create a peaceful place that lives on in harmony with nature.

You are invited to take part in creating a LIVING LEGACY Memorial Forest at one of Melbourne Locations. Lilydale, Altona, Fawkner.

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  • You will receive a tree selection booklet and a plaque message form to create a personalised plaque to mark your loved one's planned memorial tree.

    The tree selection and completion of plaque form must be done prior to the planting day.

    You will also receive a full itinerary which includes directions, parking instructions and advice on what to wear and bring on the day.
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  • Bring your loved one's ashes to a Greater Metropolitan Cemetery Trust (GMCT) facility so they can be treated to sustain new life with a tree.

Your unique living memorial tree connects the people you love to the beauty that life created in the tranquil sanctuary

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  • The planting day will begin at 9:30 am at the site - customers must make their own way to the site.

    Living Legacy forestry experts will be available to provide information about the site and the trees you have selected, and most importantly they will be conducting the ash treatment and planting process.

    You may choose to participate in the treatment and planting process.

    The day will conclude at 12:30 pm. Customers will then make their own way home.

“Planting a Living Legacy Memorial Tree connects people to the beauty that life created as opposed to what was lost.”
Warren Roberts, Living legacy Forest Founder





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“We chose a tree that flowered on his birthday”

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Make a choice that makes a difference.

Apart from helping create an urban forest for every Legacy tree planted an additional 200 offset trees are planted in each person’s honour to symbolically create more air than a person breathes in a lifetime.  The trees are planted in Australia in the winter months and in Madagascar in the summer months to assist in severe deforestation.