Greater Metropolitan Cemetery Trust

Plant a Living Legacy memorial tree to create a peaceful place that lives on in harmony with nature.

You are invited to take part in creating a LIVING LEGACY Memorial Forest at one of Melbourne Locations. Lilydale, Altona, Fawkner.

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Your unique living memorial tree connects the people you love to the beauty that life created in the tranquil sanctuary

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“Planting a Living Legacy Memorial Tree connects people to the beauty that life created as opposed to what was lost.”
Warren Roberts, Living legacy Forest Founder





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“We chose a tree that flowered on his birthday”

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Make a choice that makes a difference.

Apart from helping create an urban forest for every Legacy tree planted an additional 200 offset trees are planted in each person’s honour to symbolically create more air than a person breathes in a lifetime.  The trees are planted in Australia in the winter months and in Madagascar in the summer months to assist in severe deforestation.