Share your care

Send a tribute gift to friends and family

Flowering Tribute Card


Plant a tree in memory of a loved one to honour how their legacy lives on in the world.

Your tree dedication is acknowledged with a flowering Tribute Card that sprouts gorgeous Swan River Daisies when watered.

Your flowering card creates one Australian Native Tribute Tree to be planted in dedication of a loved one.

What You Get:

  • We will mail you a handmade seeded gift card. 

  • The gift card can also be sent directly to the funeral or friends and family.

  • Your contribution will sponsor an Australian Native Tree and flowers at the Wellington Dam Legacy Forest.

  • We provide email updates so you can see how your contribution has creates a Legacy that lives on.

Memorial Crystal


Your memorial crystal pays tribute to the ways a loved one bought colour into the world.

Insert a personal note or ash into the chamber of your handmade crystal and place in direct sunlight to bring rainbow refractions in your home.

What You Get:

  • Handmade crystal keepsake around the size of an egg.
  • The Keepsake can be sent directly to the funeral or friends and family.