Rest in Peace

Rest in Nature

Share your care. Send a meaningful tribute gift card to friends and family.

Tribute Gift Card   $50.00

Plant an Australian Tribute Tree in a loved one’s name to honour how their legacy lives on. 

Your Tribute Tree is recognised with a flowering gift card that sprouts gorgeous Swan River Daisies when watered.

What You Get:

  • We will mail you a handmade seeded gift card. 
  • The gift card can be sent directly to the funeral or friends and family.
  • Your contribution will sponsor a Native Tree and flowers at the Wellington Legacy Sanctuary.
  • We will provide email updates so you can see how your contribution has created a legacy that lives on.

Krystal Keep Sake    $250.00

Be a part of this great community project; sponsor the conservation of this beautiful memorial forest with the gift of beautiful native flowers and five (5) significant native trees either in your own name or in dedication to a friend or loved one.

Your flowers are a selfless gift that will beautify the memorial forest, connecting grieving families to the beauty that life and community creates.

Perfect For:
Anyone that wants to be a part of this inspiring community project though hasn’t a current need for a memorial tree or would like to dedicate a special and meaningful gift of remembrance for someone they love or may have lost.

What You Get:

  • Your contribution will sponsor the planting of five (5) significant trees in addition to a large bouquet of both Purple Flag & Yellow Buttercup flowers at the Wellington Legacy Sanctuary either in your own name or in dedication to someone else.
  • Your support will be registered on our founder’s support page and will be kept on our website permanently. Your name will also be etched into a founding forester plaque at the main gates of the Wellington Legacy Sanctuary.
  • You will also be given a seeded gift card for you to plant in your own garden symbolising the lasting impact your gift will make to the conservation of the Wellington Legacy Sanctuary.
  • We will provide quarterly email updates on the progress of the project so you can see how your membership has helped shape this amazing community project.