The Top 3 Online Memorial Websites

The Top 3 Online Memorial Websites

There are many meaningful and modern ways to remember a loved one, such as turning your ashes into a tree or building an online memorial.

What are online memorials?

Online memorials are now commonplace and represent a beautiful and modern way of memorializing the unique life journey of someone who has passed.

Unlike social media, which can be less private and open to advertising and spam, online memorial pages are usually secure, purpose-built platforms, which allow people to upload photos, videos or text. 

Who creates them?

Memorial pages are often created by a close friend or relative, but sometimes can be made by colleagues. Pages are often shared to a group who can contribute with their own memories so they can be captured and stored forever in a safe and secure way.

Some common features 

  1. Sharing photos
  2. Slideshow / gallery
  3. High resolution video upload
  4. Private or public settings
  5. Life story timeline

Top 3 Online Memorial Websites

#1 –

Our top pick for an online memorials website is, it provides a clean and simple way to create a memorial webpage that works seamlessly on both mobile and desktop. was founded in 2013 in Australia, and differentiates itself by having secure invite only privacy controls, and SSL encryption across the whole platform, as well as publishing online obituaries for major newspapers.

You can start an online memorial draft page for free, and it’s just a single one-time fee of USD $90 to publish it to a private domain to share with others. 

#2 – is an older USA based service that has a page builder for adding content, photos and multimedia. A memorial page costs $50 to create and works on desktop but not mobile.

#3 – HeavenAddress

HeavenAddress, like is also Australian founded, and allows people to create pages which people can access and share, but can’t be made private from what we can tell. They are in partnership with a lot of funeral homes in Australia as well.


Choose a service that fits your needs, most people want the option for privacy which is important, while also caring about how easy the page is to use by friends and family.


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