Scientists Has Discovered How A Man Can Live Forever As A Tree:

THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2016

Scientists Has Discovered How A Man Can Live Forever As A Tree: SHOCKING DISCOVERY

In the last days knowledge will increase according to the holy book bible. This word of God is happening now in this our generation. An Australian scientist Dr Cole and her team of scientist have discoverd how a human being can continue to live as a tree grown from the remains of a persons body.

According to UK daily mail ” Melbourne scientist Dr Mary Cole created the new burial option process. It is the world’s first burial choice that grows trees from human remains. Dr Cole spent a year creating a process to feed trees with cremated ashes. Living Legacy founder Warren Roberts approached her with the idea .
There are 18 tree burial sites in Melbourne costing around $10,500. A family provides ashes to Living Legacy to bury with a chosen tree For every ‘upwards burial’, another 200 trees are planted in the world One of the most popular trees is the Jacaranda tree, Mr Roberts said, Instead of a traditional burial or cremation, Australians can now chose to have their remains turned into food for a tree.

For the past year Melbourne scientist Dr Mary Cole and her team have been researching how to diminish the alkalinity and salt content of human remains and created a liquid formula that changes the composition of the ash so that trees and plants can not only grow from the remains, but thrive.
Dr Cole said creating the world-first process was ‘very emotional’ and ‘beautiful’.


A person can register their burial with Living Legacy and notify their family of the decision. They then select their tree and place they would like it to be planted.

When they pass, their family provides their ashes to Living Legacy to be used in the process of creating plant food.

The tree is planted during a ceremony and begins to grow from the ashes.

Each cemetery trust will determine their own cost but it averages around $10,500 in Melbourne.

She and her team used small portions of a close friend’s ashes, as well as others that had been donated for the research, and tested the material by planting seedlings on her Gippsland property, where her lab is located.

‘We’ve now allowed a person to continue to live in the form of a beautiful tree in a forest giving back for the life that each of us have had to the world,’ Dr Cole told Daily Mail Australia.

‘It’s a wonderful combination of our reason for being here, combined with nature to provide a new situation where we can reforest and get the environment functioning again after the degradation that has gone on for the past 2,000 years.’

‘I’m not religious but there is a greater entity working here, I think, when you see life that has lived for 70 years and done a great deal of good being transformed into new plant life that could live for longer,’ She said.