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In today’s changing world the funeral experience is increasingly out of touch with desired preferences.

Living Legacy Forest is a new collaboration across government, cemeteries, research laboratories and conservation groups to provide desirable solutions which also reforest the planet with living memorial trees.

Your Infused Living Legacy Tree

Our holistic science infuses new life into your tree through living organisms that extracts the essence and nutrients of cremated remains whilst neutralising aspects that normally harm the growth. This patented infusion process is a quantum leap from alternative bio degradable technologies, our technology is scientifically proven to increase strong tree growth and soil health.

Mobile App Connectivity

Share stories for generational connectivity via the LL.GenConnect Mobile Application, which allows you to digitally locate to your Living Legacy Forest Memorial tree, and connect to family and friends online.

200 Tree Forest Footprint planted in your honour 

200 trees planted locally and abroad, replaces the air a person breathes out across a lifetime, your forest footprint leaves a lasting, sustainable gift in return to the planet. Your forest not only nourishes the earth, but offers a natural conservation space for plants and animals to thrive.

20 Tree Legacy Giftcard

Friends and family can create an enduring and meaningful commemoration by gifting 20 trees that is enduring and more meaningful than just flowers. Trees are planted locally in Australia or internationally in places badly affected by deforestation and the loss of threatened animal species.Locate the trees and stay up to date on the planting projects through the GenConnect mobile app.

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Living Legacy Forest Introduction

Living Legacy Forest are leaders in a new form of integrated green memorialisation.

Our collaborating partners and Co-Founders have a diverse mix of skills and backgrounds Scientists, Property, Business, Legal, Film and Communications and Engineering.

Warren Roberts
Warren RobertsFounder
Warren has over 18 years’ experience as a property professional with extensive experience in Valuations, Acquisitions and Sustainable Development. His unique property background gives him the ability to bring the Living Legacy Forest Vision into commercial and physical reality. His passion for nature provides an enthusiastic and resilient approach to business that is contagious.
Neville Fielke
Neville FielkeCo-founder / Chairman
Neville is an experienced Director and CEO (public and private companies), having held a number of senior executive leadership positions. A growth specialist (strategy, marketing and sales), he has over 20 years’ experience with governance and risk management within a variety of stakeholders and ownership models that included; H J Heinz, Fosters Group Limited and Mars Group of Companies. This included CEO and Managing Director of H J Heinz companies across the region, divisions of Fosters Group and Racing Victoria with a keen interest in sustainability and scaling start-ups.
Michael Arbon
Michael ArbonCo-founder / Operations
Michael is an experienced Senior Executive Manager within both the public and private sectors with many years’ involvement in the design ,development, provision and operations of large Infrastructure and Environmentally sensitive businesses and Projects. He has a passion for creating a better future with sustainability at the core. His employers have included TXU Australia, Melbourne Water and Melbourne City Link.
Luke Roberts
Luke RobertsCorporate Management
Luke has his Masters in Law and International Law and brings years of experience handling the largest of international projects with a focus on Asia. Luke brings a rare ability to negotiate complex agreements with various stakeholders while growing healthy long-term relationships across a variety of cultures and regulatory environments
Julian Watson
Julian WatsonCo-founder / Communications
Julian is an internationally acclaimed Film & Media Director who has won several awards for his documentary films that are focused on humanity & conservation. Julian has also produced various educational media for global companies in high risk industry to revolutionise and promote health and safety. Julian has been the key executive responsible for the media and film presentations. He has also led the development of our brand identity and messaging.

Victoria’s largest Government regulated cemetery operator with over 600 hectares of cemetery land across 18 locations in Melbourne

Bridging the gap between employment and reforestation Eden has planted over 1.25million trees internationally

40 years of international experience in Agricultural Pathology, creating a unique patented transformative technology

Raising and donating more than 1Million to reforestation of key orangutan forest locations internationally

Gold Leaf Certified, Not for profit, planting more than 8.7 million native trees across 425 biodiverse forests in Australia and NewZealand.

National Award winning end of life advocacy group focused on cultural change about death and dying.

Government endorsed validated science allows trees to thrive

Dr. Mary Cole spent over two years to perfect the world first breakthrough that transforms the physical matter of ashes into a nutrient energy that helps trees grow! “Imagine connecting to a loved one through the opening beautiful banksia flower or a lemon scented gum”.

It is not well known that untreated cremated remains are harmful to tree health. Over a two-year period, our lead scientist Dr. Mary Cole developed the breakthrough treatment in altering the composition of ashes, as our cornerstone element, ‘LL.Tribute’, transforms human cremated remains into organic nutrients that helps trees grow. The patented process makes it possible to transfer the nutrients created from a person’s ashes into a living tree.

See here a case study from Dr.Mary Cole, 2016 @ Agpath,

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Tree 1,2 and 3 are all native Australian trees (Acacia) planted at the same time. Tree number 3 being the Living Legacy Infused tree, which shows 50% increased growth rate and stronger resilience to weather elements with tree 1 and 2 trees requiring protection from outdoor elements.

Our Advocates standing tall.

Experts and leaders from horticulture, funeral sector, feng shui, health and environment sharing their words of wisdom on leaving a legacy with trees.

Master Boon
Master BoonFeng Shui Master Advisor
“ I want to be a Cherry Blossom or Ginkgo Tree”

As the daughter of Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai, Master Boon Yap comes from a world-renowned lineage and tradition that spans 5000 years.
An International Business Strategist in the Biomedical Sciences (MSc, MBA), an Instructor in Shaolin Qigong and an Ordained Master in an ancient science of Feng Shui, Master Boon Yap possesses the knowledge and ability to harness and harmonise Qi forces to transform spaces into prosperous places.

Professor Marc Cohen
Professor Marc CohenRMIT University Health & Biomedical Sciences
“ I want to be an Olive tree”

Professor Cohen is a registered medical practitioner with degrees in western medicine, physiology, psychological medicine and bio-medical engineering.
He is currently Chair of the Australasian Spa and Wellness Association.

Tim Entwisle
Tim EntwisleLegacy Advocate
“I want to be a Huon Pine”

Professor Tim Entwisle is a highly respected scientist, scientific communicator and botanic gardens manager.
He has been the Director and Chief Executive of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria since 2013. Tim is an Honorary Professorial Fellow in the School of Botany at The University of Melbourne.

Rob Gell AM
Rob Gell AMEnvironmental Scientist
” I want to be a Mallee eucalypt”

Rob is a geographer and specifically a coastal geomorphologist, specialising in the environmental processes that continually shape our coastlines.
Rob is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He is also a passionate environmental campaigner and the co-founder of the ICES Green College (International College of Environmental Sustainability) headquartered in Melbourne.

Jacqui Weatherill
Jacqui WeatherillCEO The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust
“ I would like to be a lemon scented gum”

Jacqui has previously held a range of diverse senior executive roles within the public sector, most recently as Director Community Development at the City of Boroondara. She also has extensive experience as a senior consultant and facilitator. Jacqui is a member of the Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of Victoria (CCAV).

Dr Mary Cole
Dr Mary ColeLead Scientist
“ I want to be a native tree”

Dr Mary Cole is a well-known academic and plant pathologist with national and international experience in fungal disease control and farming management using soil health and environmental awareness to generate innovative ideas for the long-term health of our planet for future generations.

Dr Mary Cole (centre) has been selected by International Worldwide Branding Who’s Who as the Executive, Professional or Entrepreneur (EPE) of the year 2015-2016.

Mary and her laboratory technicians are responsible for creating our patented breakthrough technology that transforms cremated ashes into micronutrients that are absorbed by trees.

Charles Rendigs
Charles RendigsLegacy Steward
“I want to be a Redwood Tree”

A self-motivated professional with a passion for clean energy wanting to provide practical solutions to a variety of market segments; Government, domestic, commercial and industrial. Energy reduction and asset/infrastructure protection are key drivers for Charles.