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How does it work?

Transform remains
into micronutrients

Your selected tree
is infused & planted

We plant 200+ additional trees

Grow your forest
with tree gift-cards

Link your life
& tree locations

The Legacy lives on
for generations

“Restoring the Circle of Life”

Our patented technology combines natural processes to extract the beneficial minerals of cremated remains to support tree growth and honour the circle of life. This creates a beautiful, natural memorial that loved ones can see touch and feel. In addition, a 200 tree forest is planted in selected places around the world to help sustain life.

Living Legacy Tree organic science is exclusive to Living Legacy Forest, and has been developed by top Australian agricultural scientist with more than 40 years’ experience in plant the video here.

Living Legacy Tree

 Suitable for cremated memorialisation

  • Living Legacy Tree infused

  • Suitable for cremated memorialisation

  • Option to divide for additional trees

  • Additional 200 Forest Footprint trees

  • Up to 4 interments for family trees

  • Memorial tree location mobile app

  • 20 tree remembrance gift card

  • Option for perpetuity tree care

Legacy Trees live on in your name. You can arrange a consultation below or call 03 9592 4412 to talk about how to connect your memorial to trees today.

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 Tree Package Features

Your Infused Living Legacy Tree

Our holistic science infuses new life into your tree through living organisms that extracts the essence and nutrients of cremated remains whilst neutralising aspects that normally harm the growth. This patented infusion process is a quantum leap from alternative bio degradable technologies, our technology is scientifically proven to increase strong tree growth and soil health.

Mobile App Connectivity

Family and friends can connect and locate the final resting place, whether it be a grave, memorial, or scattering site via our GenConnect mobile app. The app also provides the geographic location of the further 200 trees, and a digital home for family and friends to share lasting memories.

200 Additional Trees Planted

200 trees planted locally and abroad, replaces the air a person breathes out across a lifetime, your forest footprint leaves a lasting, sustainable gift in return to the planet. Your forest not only nourishes the earth, but offers a natural conservation space for plants and animals to thrive.

20 Tree Legacy Giftcard

Friends and family can create an enduring and meaningful commemoration by gifting 20 trees that is enduring and more meaningful than just flowers. Trees are planted locally in Australia or internationally in places badly affected by deforestation and the loss of threatened animal species.Locate the trees and stay up to date on the planting projects through the GenConnect mobile app.

Book a free consultation with The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust expert staff and horticulturists.

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Living Legacy Trees are now available in eighteen locations in Melbourne,
via The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust.

Subject to approval from GMCT

How to start your Living Legacy Forest

Register your preference and the people that can honour your last wish.

Pre-Plan a personalised Living Legacy Forest for yourself

The choices we make today create the future. Arranging your own Living Legacy Forest in advance lets you take control of your future.

Plant your Living Legacy Tree and/or 200 additional Trees today, cremated remains can be infused to mature trees at a later date.

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Plan a personalised Living Legacy Forest for a loved one’s funeral

Arrange a Living Legacy Forest for someone who was dear to you. Arrange a free consultation with a certified horticulturalist to choose your preferred tree.

Match a trees season to your loved one’s birthday or personality.

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Keep your family connected with a Family Legacy Tree

Plant a Living Legacy Forest Tree for your family using long held cremated remains, a tree that grows for generations.

At a cemetery trust location, you can add up to four family members over time to one tree that keeps your family connected through generations.

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