Legacy of Kindness

Legacy of kindness

After spending years in and out of the hospital battling a brain tumor and leukemia, Seattle-area high schooler Nick Konkler knew about the struggles of being a sick child.

He was inspired to help make things better for kids in the hospital after watching a little girl struggle with her IV pole.

The hospital only had one so-called “lily pad,” a skateboard-like device that allowed kids to sit on their pole rather than have to struggle with it.

So Konkler decided that he would make one for every kid in the hospital, and started building them in his high school wood shop class.

But unfortunately, Konkler never was able to see his dream fulfilled–he passed away in Feb. 2015 at age 17 before his project was completed.

That’s where his friends and teachers at Auburn Riverside High School stepped in to fulfill Konkler’s wish and create his legacy.

Gathering on a Saturday morning, students from his wood shop class finished cutting out each of the lily pads as arts and designs students painted each one by hand.

The lily pads were donated to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital where they’re helping children just like Konkler.

Seeing the kids joyful, riding on their IV poles is exactly what Konkler would have wanted, his mom Christine said.

Legacy of kindness

His dad, Vince, added, “It just, it makes me so proud of Nick and who he was.

This brave teen who came up with the really great idea, didn’t just help other kids by making their experience easier on them, he left a legacy, and life is all about that.