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How do I use the Legacy Giftcards?

Connect your
family & friends

Grow your forest
with tree gift-cards

Link your life
& tree locations

The Legacy lives on
for generations

Give trees to reflect the lasting impression of life from a loved one

Real connections last a lifetime so why not give a gift at their funeral that creates a lasting impact. A purposeful alternative to balloons, cut flowers and sympathy cards.

Friends and family can pay respect to the lasting impact of life, through the giving of tree’s. When purchasing Legacy Giftcards the additional trees donated can be added to a loved ones total Living Legacy Forest impact which is recorded via the GenConnect app.

Legacy Giftcard

Suitable for gifting a forest in a loved one’s name

  • Personalised Gift Card of 20 trees

  • Gift Card displayed at the funeral day next to flowers

  • Add your trees to a persons existing Living Legacy Forest Footprint via app

Priced at $100. You can order Legacy Gift cards below or call 03 9592 4412 to talk about how to connect your memorial to trees today.

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Legacy Giftcard

Mobile App Connectivity

Family and friends can connect and locate the final resting place, whether it be a grave, memorial, or scattering site via our GenConnect mobile app. The app also provides the geographic location of the further 200 trees, and a digital home for family and friends to share lasting memories.

20 Tree Legacy Giftcard

Friends and family can create an enduring and meaningful commemoration by gifting 20 trees that is enduring and more meaningful than just flowers. Trees are planted locally in Australia or internationally in places badly affected by deforestation and the loss of threatened animal species.Locate the trees and stay up to date on the planting projects through the GenConnect mobile app.

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“Give a purposeful gift of trees in a loved ones honour that reflects the timeless impact of life”

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Our Planting Partners

Ten of the trees are planted locally across the East Coast of Australia with Greenfleet during the winter months and ten of the trees are planted abroad all year round in location which are more severely affected by deforestation and loss of at threat species habitat.

Gold Leaf Certified, Not for profit, planting more than 8.7 million native trees across 425 biodiverse forests in Australia and NewZealand.

Raising and donating more than 1Million to reforestation of key orangutan forest locations internationally

Bridging the gap between employment and reforestation Eden has planted over 1.25million trees internationally

Worldwide Tree Planting Locations

Click on the map below to see locations and trees planted

Order your personalised Legacy Giftcards now
A lasting alternative to cut flowers and cards, that lasts a lifetime

Total Cost is $100 incl. GST and free delivery/handling within Australian Metropolitan Areas.

After payment and mailing address details are received you will receive a digital certificate and we will organize for the card to be sent within 2 business days and delivery inside Australia Metropolitan Areas within 7 business days (depending on location).

Once you have requested your personalised Gift Card with us, you can proceed with payment via PayPal via the link below

Returns Policy

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Remembrance Legacy Gift-cards returns policy.

We do not issue refunds for Remembrance Legacy Cards once the order is confirmed and the product is sent because Living Legacy Forest if Living Legacy Forest has already committed the funds for reforestation. If the funds have not yet been committed, a refund may be possible subject to an administration fee of $15 (Australian Dollars). Otherwise Living Legacy will always comply with Consumer Law requirements.

If you do not receive your physical card, or if the card is damaged we will send a replacement as soon as you inform us at no cost.
We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.

Contact us If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us by email:  contact@livinglegacyforest.com