Living Legacy: From Grief to Growth

Living Legacy: From Grief to Growth Words by Georgina Reid . Images by Daniel Shipp | November 16, 2016 Warren Roberts’s best friend passed away 10 years ago. He didn’t cry at the funeral, and if you’d asked him how he was in the following years he would’ve told you he was fine. He [...]


CREMATED REMAINS TO NOURISH MEMORIAL TREES MAY 20, 2016 ENVIRONMENT / PARKS Australians wanting to live on as part of the environment after they die now have a new burial option, with a Melbourne research team discovering how to turn human ashes into plant food. Dr Mary Cole of the Agricultural Pathology and Biologocal [...]

Circle of life for scientist

  Warragul & Drouin Gazette 31 May 2016   Mary Cole doesn’t hesitate when asked what she want's done with her mortal remains. The Garfield scientist wants her ashes to fertilise a tree. “Absolutely! I’m not religious but I do believe that if you go and hug a tree, that’s a very spiritual experience.” [...]

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“It gave us absolute peace”

-Dianne Rich

“All of our daughters were able to plant their own Legacy Trees in their own place to continue the presence of their late mother who was a passionate gardener”

-Andrew Troedel

“If I was going to be cremated, I would choose to be a lemon scented gum.”

Jacqui Weatherill, CEO Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

“My 15 year old god daughters planted the tree on Father’s day, a month after he passed away, and found  so much peace in the experience. 

Mishka King on behalf of the late William Francis Huff

“Some say: for the greater good of mankind, that’s not us, that’s generations to come”

Rob Gell, Environment advocate

“There is a very important connection between plants and people, if you’re planting a tree, it’s for the next generation, your not just planting it for yourself”

Tim Entwisle, Director Royal Melbourne Botanic Gardens